Friday, October 14, 2011

Teaching is a challenge in my life

Life is a dull game if you don’t challenge yourself and I understand that many people don’t like to be challenged for many reasons. Some of them hate to lose face. Some people are lazy even to pick up a stone. And some of them wanna be relaxed and steady.

Even though many people might think that teaching could be easy. I put up my legs to agree that a tutor must always try to be fair to every single student in spite of a student’s background, intelligent, race, appearance and behaviour. 

A tutor has to face the following situations:
1. A tutor could be fury about a student’s "noisy" behaviour.
2. A student’s slow motion and cold emotion could drive a tutor up the wall.
3. A tutor could be disappointed when a student becomes a liar.
4. A stubborn student could bring a tutor to the desert.
5. A tutor could be very tired when a student is lazy to use the wonderful mind.
6. A talkative student could irritate a tutor to pretend nothing to be heard.
7. A tutor could be clueless when having a childish student.
8. A pride student affects a tutor wanting to cut the glory down.
9. A tutor could be sleepy towards an over self-confident student.
10. A student’s big mouth could hurt a tutor’s feeling deeply.
and still, there're many more……

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