Friday, August 12, 2011

Do you want to become a travel backpacker?

In fact, there is no CONDITION or TALENT that you must have or to practise with before becoming a travel backpacker. If you really WANT and WILLING to do, anyone is able to make this dream comes true. Somehow, a few tools HAVE to be carried along while travelling in a backpacker’s way.

Tool ONE: Language
Basically, English is an important language which can help you to go around the world. Even if you can speak some poor English, but it should be enough! Normally, we have to use hand language when nobody can understand English or our own languages.

Tool TWO: Courage
For those who are especially going to the overseas. Someone needs courage when going to a place that never been to and has no friends or relatives to depend with at the place. In addition, preparation before travelling such as book a hotel is very important and could increase someone’s rate of courage.

Tool THREE: Determined
A backpacker must try to become a determined person but not a stubborn concrete. Everything should be flexible when travelling. Decide properly after thinking hard and do all necessary analyses. Although being positive is a well character to have with but always think about the other way especially when you are at a strange place. You can list out the advantages and the disadvantages on a sheet of paper to help you to make a better decision.

Tool FOUR: Response
Can you response quickly and correctly when you take the wrong bus or your hotel room has been cancelled? And this is the time to cry, to be disappointed or to be angry. Always think about other people and put yourself on their seats. Remember, if they’re OK and you’re OK but if they aren’t OK then you aren’t OK!

 Tool FIVE: Independence
You have to find a map and go to the places by your own. You need to know how to arrange your timetable, dirty laundry, car rental, hotel bookings and ………. Prepare a note book and write everything significant down to make sure your works are probably done.

Tool SIX: Preparation
Before travelling alone at a place, you must prepare and make confirmation with your air ticket, accommodation, shopping, map, travel guide book and ……… Don’t miss out anything. This is very important or you would not travel comfortably.

If you lack of any one tool above, you may find it and learn it while travelling. I like to go for travelling because it helps me to learn more and open a wider view to the world. Furthermore, you could be better after your first time of becoming a backpacker, so learn it, beware of it, decide it, make it, do it and the most important is, ENJOY it!

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