Saturday, August 13, 2011

Smarter Tuition Centre - logo design

This is the logo design that i created for
a tuition centre called "Smarter Tuition Centre".
This is a "free lance" job which is
really FREE.
This is because the owner of this tuition
centre was my tuition teacher and now,
he is a good friend of mine.
He asked me to help him design t-shirt
for his tuition centre and also,
i decided to re-design his
logo too... they're all for free.
The concept of the logo is,
"power supply"
This is because the tuition centre keep supplying
knowledge for student so I put a light bulb
and plugged it into the logo.
I also think of a slogan for them which is
"We power up the students!"
So... critic me... for more enhancement.

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