Monday, October 3, 2011

Software Engineer

今期的各行各业有Jerry Kong与我们分享有关他的职业~Software Engineer。在吉隆坡生活了多年的Jerry Kong,是拉曼学院和拉曼大学的毕业生。他主要是修Business Information System,是一个相当不错的科系,听他说还蛮好找工作的。至于科系详情,你们可以亲自去问他哦~ Jerry Kong在我的印象中,一直都是一个冷漠、慢热、声音超base和很nice的一个人。以下是我们的访谈内容:

1/ What is your recent career?
1. I’m now a Software Engineer and work for Silverlake.

2/ Please describe your work briefly.
2. This is a job that involves banking system. In fact, I’m working at client site by project. Somehow, it’s possible to change the job site to overseas like Vietnam, Indonesia, Singapore, Brunei, Thailand, China and etc. I can tell this is a flexible but not political career and you are able to learn many new things. For my opinion, it is a good start to join in the field of banking system where there are helpful and friendly colleagues.

3/ What are the basic requirement for getting into this career?
3. Programing skill and good logic thinking. Able to Work under pressure and overtime, travel rapidly.

4/ How are the salary and allowance?
4. The lowest of 2.5k is provided for one month training and able to get extra allowance for working at overseas or client site. Nonetheless, extra allowance is given for overtime. Fresh graduate is able to get around 5k if working at overseas. The percentage of salary increasement is much better than bank or other company.

5/ How are the working hours and leave for this job?
5. Working hours: 9am to 5pm for 30 weekdays. 15 days of holidays annually and the number will increase by ranking.

6/ Any other information that you would like to share with us?
6. Experience is the most important in the field of banking system. It's easier to 'jump' into the IT department of bank and this is recommended because of the higher value to work in this kind of department. I'm glad to join my present company that has a strong background in providing banking system to 80% of different bank branches in Malaysia. Also, it is a good start for fresh graduate.

Jerry Kong办公室的窗外景色

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