Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Story of Form One Boys (2006)

Form one students especially boys are afraid of my punishment. Malaysia does not have intermediate school. Form one students in Malaysia are the first year secondary school students that move from primary school to secondary school since they have finished UPSR examination.

Most of the Form-one boys still have their childish behaviour and would love to talk about their puberty stage. They even ask about puberty and sex. Some of them start to be distracted by girls. And some of them hide those sexual videos in their hand phones.

Form-one boys are the noisiest students in all of my tuition classes. They always think that they could waste the tuition time by talking, playing cute toys, looking around, doing practical exercises slowly and so on…… Thus, I have to punish them in order to push them on continuing their works. Somehow, they love to challenge my punishment so they do bad things secretly.

I have a class consisting of only Form-one boys. There are 12 boys in the class. Their ages are in the range of 12 to 14 years old. As some of them reach their puberty stage earlier so you would find interesting about their height and body size are obviously much different among them. Some of them are very tall but some of them look like primary school students.
Most of them love listening to ghost stories. I think this special hobby can be found on the teenagers all around the world. Form-one boys always request to tell some ghost stories when they are lazy and looking for a rest. To spice up their curious, I put my ghost stories into different levels where level one is the least scary though. After telling them some level one stories, they would ask questions like ‘What is the highest level?’ and ‘May I listen to level five?’ Only when telling these stories, they pay full attention and listen to you more intently.

They hate quiz even though I like to test them. They hate because they have to do the quiz carefully or I might punish them when they are not doing well. One evening, I gave them 20 minutes to prepare themselves for Science. The weather was quite bad on the day so some of them asked me to cancel the quiz because the power station might turn off the electrical supply suddenly. Marudians face this kind of problem because the power station would cut down electrical supply to the whole town during the heavy rain with thunderstorm. Hence, some of the form-one boys started to pray, “Power off! Power off!” As the time was 7:00 pm, I told them, “We still have half an hour before your boys can go back home, so stop to give any suggestion and be ready quickly in 20 minutes.” They stopped their complaints and studied hard. Minutes were passing slowly until it came to 7:20 pm and they said that it was the end of the world. Without any hesitation, I asked them to close their books. Out of the blue, we heard a “puch” sound and the roaring of a thunderstorm outside the windows. The whole class became dark even we could not see each other in the room. After two seconds, all of them yelled happily and asked me to tell some ghost stories for the last 10 minutes.

What can I say about form-one boys? Even though they are irritating sometimes and could drive me up the wall but they are lovely and friendly. They would listen to you quietly when you are telling an interesting story. Form-one boys are cute because they still have a lot of question marks on their mind. They try to talk about girls but they are shy. 

Note: This is a story which was written 5 years ago and now the boys as mentioned in the story have involved themselves in different occupations.